Table sola.cadastre.level
LADM Definition: A set of spatial units, with geometric, and/or topological, and/or thematic coherence.
EXAMPLE 1 - One level for an urban cadastre and another level for a rural cadastre.
EXAMPLE 2 - One level with rights and another with restrictions.
EXAMPLE 3 - One level with formal rights, a second level with informal rights and a third level with customary rights.
EXAMPLE 4 - One level with point based spaital units, a second level with line based spatial units, and a third level with polygon based spatial features.
Implementation of the LADM LA_Level class. Used by SOLA to identify the set of spatial features for each layer displayed in the Map Viewer.
Tags: Reference Table, LADM Reference Object, Change History

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id varchar 40
level_config_map_layer.level_id level_config_map_layer_level_id_fk C
spatial_unit.level_id spatial_unit_level_id_fk57 R
LADM Definition: Level identifier.
name varchar 50  √  null LADM Definition: The name of the level.
register_type_code varchar 20 'all'::character varying
register_type.code level_register_type_code_fk58 R
LADM Definition: The register type of the content of the level. E.g. all, forest, mining, rural, urban, etc
structure_code varchar 20  √  null
structure_type.code level_structure_code_fk59 R
LADM Definition: Code for the structure of the level geometry. E.g. point, polygon, sketch, etc.
type_code varchar 20  √  null
level_content_type.code level_type_code_fk60 R
LADM Definition: The type of content of the level.
rowidentifier varchar 40 uuid_generate_v1() SOLA Extension: Identifies the all change records for the row in the level_historic table
rowversion int4 10 0 SOLA Extension: Sequential value indicating the number of times this row has been modified.
change_action bpchar 1 'i'::bpchar SOLA Extension: Indicates if the last data modification action that occurred to the row was insert (i), update (u) or delete (d).
change_user varchar 50  √  null SOLA Extension: The user id of the last person to modify the row.
change_time timestamp 29,6 now() SOLA Extension: The date and time the row was last modified.
editable bool 1 false It shows if the spatial units of this level are editable from the spatial unit editor.

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc level_pkey
rowidentifier Performance Asc level_index_on_rowidentifier
register_type_code Performance Asc level_register_type_code_fk58_ind
structure_code Performance Asc level_structure_code_fk59_ind
type_code Performance Asc level_type_code_fk60_ind

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