Table sola.source.presentation_form_type
Code list of presentation form types. Indicates the original format of the document when presented to the land office (e.g. Hardcopy, digital, image, video, etc). Implementation of the LADM CI_PresentationFormCode class.
Tags: Reference Table, LADM Reference Object

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code varchar 20
source.maintype source_maintype_fk1 R
LADM Definition: The code for the presentation form type.
display_value varchar 500 LADM Definition: Displayed value of the presentation form type.
status bpchar 1 't'::bpchar SOLA Extension: Status of the presentation form type
description varchar 1000  √  null LADM Definition: Description of the presentation form type.

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
code Primary key Asc presentation_form_type_pkey
display_value Must be unique Asc presentation_form_type_display_value_unique

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