Table sola.transaction.transaction_source
Associates transactions to source (a.k.a. documents) that justify the transaction. Used by the Cadastre Change and Cadastre Redefintion services.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Change History

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transaction_id varchar 40 transaction_source_transaction_id_fk100 C
Identifier for the transaction.
source_id varchar 40 transaction_source_source_id_fk101 C
The identifier of the source associated to the transation.
rowidentifier varchar 40 uuid_generate_v1() Identifies the all change records for the row in the transaction_source_historic table
rowversion int4 10 0 Sequential value indicating the number of times this row has been modified.
change_action bpchar 1 'i'::bpchar Indicates if the last data modification action that occurred to the row was insert (i), update (u) or delete (d).
change_user varchar 50  √  null The user id of the last person to modify the row.
change_time timestamp 29,6 now() The date and time the row was last modified.

Analyzed at Tue May 31 09:59 NZST 2016

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
transaction_id + source_id Primary key Asc/Asc transaction_source_pkey
rowidentifier Performance Asc transaction_source_index_on_rowidentifier
source_id Performance Asc transaction_source_source_id_fk101_ind
transaction_id Performance Asc transaction_source_transaction_id_fk100_ind

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