Table sola.application.application
Applications capture details and manage requests received by the land administration agency to change, update or report on land registry and/or cadastre information. Applications have a lifecycle and transition into different states as the land administration agency processes the request that instigated the application. The primary role of an application is to implement case management functionality in SOLA.
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id varchar 40
application_property.application_id application_property_application_id_fk123 R
application_spatial_unit.application_id application_spatial_unit_application_id_fk130 C
application_uses_source.application_id application_uses_source_application_id_fk126 C
service.application_id service_application_id_fk7 R
Identifier for the application.
nr varchar 15 The application number displayed to end users. Generated by the generate-application-nr business rule when the application record is initially saved.
agent_id varchar 40  √  null application_agent_id_fk8 R
Identifier of the party (individual or organization) that is requesting information or changes to the land registry and/or cadastre information recorded in SOLA. This could be a lawyer or surveyor under instruction from the property owner, the property owner themselves or a third party with a vested interest in a particular property.
contact_person_id varchar 40 application_contact_person_id_fk14 R
The person to contact in regard to the application. This person is considered the applicant.
lodging_datetime timestamp 29,6 now() The lodging date and time of the application. This date identifies when the application is officially accepted by the land administration agency.
expected_completion_date date 13 now() The date the application should be completed by. This value is determined from the maximum service expected completion date associated with the application.
assignee_id varchar 40  √  null application_assignee_id_fk15 R
The identifier of the user assigned to the application. If this value is null, then the application is unassigned.
assigned_datetime timestamp 29,6  √  null The date and time the application was last assigned to a user.
location geometry 2147483647  √  null The approximate geographic location of the application. The user may indicate more than one point if the application affects a large number of parcels.
services_fee numeric 20,2 0 The sum of all service fees.
tax numeric 20,2 0 The tax applicable based on the services fee.
total_fee numeric 20,2 0 The sum of the services_fee and tax.
total_amount_paid numeric 20,2 0 The amount paid by the applicant. Usually will be the full amount (total_fee), but can be a partial payment if the land administration agency accepts partial payments.
fee_paid bool 1 false Flag to indicate a sufficient amount (or all) of the fee has been paid. Once set, the application can be assigned and worked on.
action_code varchar 20 'lodge'::character varying
application_action_type.code application_action_code_fk16 R
The last action that happended to the application. E.g. lodged, assigned, validated, approved, etc.
action_notes varchar 255  √  null Optional description of the action.
status_code varchar 20 'lodged'::character varying
application_status_type.code application_status_code_fk18 R
The status of the application.
receipt_reference varchar 100  √  null The number of the receipt issued as proof of payment. If more than one receipt is issued in the case of part payments, the receipts numbers can be listed in this feild separated by commas.
rowidentifier varchar 40 uuid_generate_v1() Identifies the all change records for the row in the application_historic table
rowversion int4 10 0 Sequential value indicating the number of times this row has been modified.
change_action bpchar 1 'i'::bpchar Indicates if the last data modification action that occurred to the row was insert (i), update (u) or delete (d).
change_user varchar 50  √  null The user id of the last person to modify the row.
change_time timestamp 29,6 now() The date and time the row was last modified.
classification_code varchar 20  √  null FROM SOLA State Land Extension: The security classification for this Application/Job. Only users with the security classification (or a higher classification) will be able to view the record. If null, the record is considered unrestricted.
redact_code varchar 20  √  null FROM SOLA State Land Extension: The redact classification for this Application/Job. Only users with the redact classification (or a higher classification) will be able to view the record with un-redacted fields. If null, the record is considered unrestricted and no redaction to the record will occur unless bulk redaction classifications have been set for fields of the record.

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc application_pkey
action_code Performance Asc application_action_code_fk16_ind
agent_id Performance Asc application_agent_id_fk8_ind
assignee_id Performance Asc application_assignee_id_fk15_ind
contact_person_id Performance Asc application_contact_person_id_fk14_ind
location Performance Asc application_index_on_location
rowidentifier Performance Asc application_index_on_rowidentifier
status_code Performance Asc application_status_code_fk18_ind

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