Table sola.application.application_property
Captures details of property associated to an application.
Tags: FLOSS SOLA Extension, Change History

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id varchar 40 Identifier for the application property.
application_id varchar 40 application_property_application_id_fk123 R
Identifier for the application the record is associated to.
name_firstpart varchar 20 The first part of the name or reference assigned by the land administration agency to identify the property.
name_lastpart varchar 20 The remaining part of the name or reference assigned by the land administration agency to identify the property.
area numeric 20,2 0 The area of the property. This value should be square meters and converted if required for display to the user. e.g. Converted on display into and imperial acres, roods and perches value.
total_value numeric 20,2 0 The land or property value (may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction) on which a proportionate service fee can be calculated.
verified_exists bool 1 false Flag to indicate if the property details provided for the application match an existing property record in the BA Unit table.
verified_location bool 1 false Flag to indicate if the property details provided for the application reference an existing parcel record in the Cadastre Object table.
ba_unit_id varchar 40  √  null application_property_ba_unit_id_fk124 R
Reference to a record in the BA Unit table that matches the property details provided for the application.
land_use_code varchar 20  √  null
land_use_type.code application_property_land_use_code_fk125 R
Code to indicate the general purpose of the property. E.g. Commerical, Residential, Industrial, etc.
rowidentifier varchar 40 uuid_generate_v1() Identifies the all change records for the row in the application_property_historic table
rowversion int4 10 0 Sequential value indicating the number of times this row has been modified.
change_action bpchar 1 'i'::bpchar Indicates if the last data modification action that occurred to the row was insert (i), update (u) or delete (d).
change_user varchar 50  √  null The user id of the last person to modify the row.
change_time timestamp 29,6 now() The date and time the row was last modified.

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc application_property_pkey
application_id Performance Asc application_property_application_id_fk123_ind
ba_unit_id Performance Asc application_property_ba_unit_id_fk124_ind
rowidentifier Performance Asc application_property_index_on_rowidentifier
land_use_code Performance Asc application_property_land_use_code_fk125_ind
application_id + name_firstpart + name_lastpart Must be unique Asc/Asc/Asc application_property_property_once

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