Table sola.application.request_type
Code list of request types. Request types identify the different types of services provided by the land administration agency. SOLA includes a default set of request types that can be reconfigured to match those required by the land administration agency.
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code varchar 20
br_validation.target_request_type_code br_validation_target_request_type_code_fk111 R
request_type_requires_source_type.request_type_code request_type_requires_source_type_request_type_code_fk129 C
service.request_type_code service_request_type_code_fk19 R
The code for the request type.
request_category_code varchar 20
request_category_type.code request_type_request_category_code_fk20 R
The code for the request category type.
display_value varchar 500 Displayed value of the request type.
description varchar 1000  √  null Description of the request type.
status bpchar 1 't'::bpchar Status of the request type
nr_days_to_complete int4 10 0 The number of days it should take for the service to be completed. Can be used to manage and monitor transaction throughput targets for the land administration agency.
base_fee numeric 20,2 0 The fixed fee component charged for the service or 0 if there is no fixed fee.
area_base_fee numeric 20,2 0 The fee component charged for each square metre of the property or 0 if no area fee applies.
value_base_fee numeric 20,2 0 The fee component charged against the value of the property or 0 if no value fee applies.
nr_properties_required int4 10 0 The minimum number of properties that must be referenced by the application before services of this type can be processed.
notation_template varchar 1000  √  null Template text to use when completing the details of RRR records created by the service.
rrr_type_code varchar 20  √  null
rrr_type.code request_type_rrr_type_code_fk21 R
Used by the Property Details screen to identify the type of RRR affected by the service. If null, the Property Details screen will allow the user to process all RRR types.
type_action_code varchar 20  √  null
type_action.code request_type_type_action_code_fk23 R
Used by teh Property Details screen to identify what action applies to the RRR affected by the service. One of new, vary or cancel. If null, the Property Details screen will allow the user to create or vary RRRs matching the rrr_type_code.
display_group_name varchar 500  √  null SOLA Extension. Used to group request types that have a similar purpose (e.g. Mortgage types or Systematic Registration types). Used by the Add Service dialog to group the request types for display.
service_panel_code varchar 20  √  null
config_panel_launcher.code request_type_config_panel_launcher_fkey R
SOLA Extension. Used to identify the SOLA panel class to display to the user when they start the service

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
code Primary key Asc request_type_pkey
service_panel_code Performance Asc request_type_config_panel_launcher_fkey_ind
display_value Must be unique Asc request_type_display_value_unique
request_category_code Performance Asc request_type_request_category_code_fk20_ind
rrr_type_code Performance Asc request_type_rrr_type_code_fk21_ind
type_action_code Performance Asc request_type_type_action_code_fk23_ind

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