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Table Children Parents Columns Comments
attachment 1 16 Extension to the LADM used by SOLA to store claim files attachments.
attachment_chunk 9 Holds temporary pieces of attachment uploaded on the server. In case of large files, document can be split into smaller pieces (chunks) allowing reliable upload. After all pieces uploaded, client will instruct server to create a document and remove temporary files stored in this table.
claim 6 6 28 Main table to store claim and claim challenge information submitted by the community recorders. SOLA Open Tenure extention.
claim_comment 1 10
claim_location 1 10
claim_share 1 1 10 Identifies the share a party has in a claim.
claim_status 1 4 Code list of claim status.
claim_uses_attachment 1 7 Links the claim to the attachment submitted with the claim. SOLA Open Tenure extension.
field_constraint 1 2 14 Dynamic form field constraint.
field_constraint_option 1 10 Dynamic form field constraint option, used to limit field values.
field_constraint_type 1 4 Reference table for the field constraint types, used in dynamic forms.
field_payload 3 15 Dynamic form field payload.
field_template 1 2 12 Dynamic form field template.
field_type 2 4 Reference table for the field types, used in dynamic forms.
field_value_type 1 4 Reference table for the field value types, used in dynamic forms.
form_payload 1 2 8 Dynamic form payload.
form_template 2 8 Dynamic form template.
party 2 2 18 Extension to the LADM used by SOLA to store party information (cliamant or owner).
party_for_claim_share 2 7 Identifies parties involved in the claim share.
rejection_reason 1 4 Rejection reason codes
section_element_payload 1 1 7 Dynamic form section element payload.
section_payload 1 1 14 Dynamic form section payload.
section_template 1 1 15 Sections of dynamic form template.
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