Table sola.opentenure.claim
Main table to store claim and claim challenge information submitted by the community recorders. SOLA Open Tenure extention.

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id varchar 40
claim.challenged_claim_id fk_challenged_claim R
claim_comment.claim_id claim_comment_claim_id_fk8 C
claim_location.claim_id claim_location_claim_id_fk8 C
claim_share.claim_id claim_share_claim_id_fk12 C
claim_uses_attachment.claim_id claim_uses_attachment_claim_id_fk126 C
form_payload.claim_id form_payload_claim_id_fkey C
Identifier for the claim.
nr varchar 15 Auto generated claim number. Generated by the generate-claim-nr business rule when the claim record is initially saved.
lodgement_date timestamp 29,6  √  null The lodgement date and time of the claim.
challenge_expiry_date timestamp 29,6  √  null Expiration date when challenge claim can be submitted.
decision_date timestamp 29,6  √  null The decision date on the claim by the authority.
description varchar 250  √  null Free description of the claim.
challenged_claim_id varchar 40  √  null fk_challenged_claim R
The identifier of the challenged claim. If this value is provided, it means the record is a claim challenge type.
claimant_id varchar 40 claim_claimant_id_fk8 R
The identifier of the claimant.
mapped_geometry geometry 2147483647  √  null Claimed property geometry calculated using system SRID
gps_geometry geometry 2147483647  √  null Claimed property geometry in Lat/Long format
status_code varchar 20 'created'::character varying
claim_status.code claim_status_code_fk18 R
The status of the claim.
recorder_name varchar 50 User's ID, who has created the claim.
rowidentifier varchar 40 uuid_generate_v1() Identifies the all change records for the row in the claim_historic table.
rowversion int4 10 0 Sequential value indicating the number of times this row has been modified.
change_action bpchar 1 'i'::bpchar Indicates if the last data modification action that occurred to the row was insert (i), update (u) or delete (d).
change_user varchar 50  √  null The user id of the last person to modify the row.
change_time timestamp 29,6 now() The date and time the row was last modified.
type_code varchar 20  √  null
rrr_type.code claim_fk_type_code R
Type of claim (e.g. ownership, usufruct, occupation).
start_date date 13  √  null Start date of right (occupation)
land_use_code varchar 20  √  null
land_use_type.code fk_claim_land_use_type R
Land use code
notes varchar 1000  √  null Any note that could be usefully stored as part of the claim
north_adjacency varchar 500  √  null Optional information about adjacency on the north
south_adjacency varchar 500  √  null Optional information about adjacency on the south
east_adjacency varchar 500  √  null Optional information about adjacency on the east
west_adjacency varchar 500  √  null Optional information about adjacency on the west
assignee_name varchar 50  √  null User name who is assigned to work with claim
rejection_reason_code varchar 20  √  null
rejection_reason.code fk_claim_rejection_reason_code R
Rejection reason code.
claim_area int8 19  √  0 Claim area in square meters.

Analyzed at Tue May 31 09:57 NZST 2016

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc claim_pkey

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